Middle Tennessee Association of Health Underwriters

NAHU's Mission Statement

NAHU will improve its members' ability to meet the health, financial and retirement security needs of all Americans through education, advocacy and professional development.

NAHU's Vision Statement

Every American will have access to private sector solutions for health, financial and retirement security and the services of insurance professionals.

NAHU's Code of Ethics

  • To hold the selling, service and administration of health insurance and related products and services as a professional and public trust and do all in my power to maintain its prestige.
  • To keep paramount the needs of those whom I serve.
  • To respect my clients' trust in me, and to never do anything which would betray their trust or confidence.
  • To give all service possible when service is needed.
  • To present policies factually and accurately, providing all information necessary for the issuance of sound insurance coverage to the public I serve.
  • To use no advertising which I know may be false or misleading.
  • To consider the sale, service and administration of health insurance and related products and services as a career, to know and abide by the laws of any jurisdiction Federal and State in which I practice and seek constantly to increase my knowledge and improve my ability to meet the needs of my clients.
  • To be fair and just to my competitors, and to engage in no practices which may reflect unfavorably on myself or my industry.
  • To treat prospects, clients and companies fairly by submitting applications which reveal all available information pertinent to underwriting a policy.
  • To extend honest and professional conduct to my clients, associates, fellow agents and brokers, and the company or companies whose products I represent.
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April 3rd Meeting (MissionPoint)

Diane Romeo from MissionPoint will educate us on their services as well as how ACO's are becoming more common across the U.S.  


Can high-quality healthcare be delivered in a patient-focused, smarter way?

Can those services also be easy to obtain and affordable?

MissionPoint Health Partners believes the answer is yes to both of these questions.

A non-profit organization founded by Saint Thomas Health and a group of dedicated physicians, MissionPoint is committed to improving the health status of the communities we serve.

We are an integrated system of providers and facilities who share three goals:

  • Improve the health status of our communities.
  • Reduce healthcare costs.
  • Improve the patient experience.

We’ve set the bar high, and by building strong partnerships with our providers, facilities, employers, and members we can make a difference in the communities we serve.

How? Innovating and rethinking the standard delivery of care models is how MissionPoint is moving toward our goals. Our Care-at-a-Distance program brings care to patients, not the other way around. Also, our dedicated Health Partners program offers members access to personal-care teams that work with patients in the space between the physician office and hospital, ensuring effective transitions of care and answering questions directly from patients and caregivers when they need us most.

By being a part of MissionPoint, you are participating in a healthcare solution that provides quality, patient-focused care while also reducing overall healthcare costs and rewarding providers for delivering the highest quality of care.


Meeting Sponsor - Doug Doss with Combined Worksite Solutions

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